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What is MatrixFly?

MatrixFly opens the doors to Virtual Reality offering solutions of interactive and evoluted Virtual Tours.
Lead your customers into the Virtual Reality and give them a chance to explore your universe.
MatrixFly is an easy, cheap and quick solution to take advantage of Virtual Reality enhancing your services and products.
Our friendly web platform and mobile App will give your customers the keys to your universe: real estate, architecture, tourist accommodation, design, historical places, showrooms, yachts, cars, entertainment.
If you can imagine it 
we can do it
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MatrixFly has been designed for professionals. Explore its main features

MatrixFly opens the doors to Virtual Reality offering solutions of interactive and evoluted Virtual Tours.
By using our Virtual Tours you will be able to lead your customers into the Virtual Reality and give them a chance to explore your universe.
Our web platform allows you to create your own virtual tours easily and fast (VIDEO)

Which advantages?

  1. Zeroing of transport costs.
  2. Reduced Exhibition space.
  3. Make your product catalog in Virtual Reality.
  4. Virtual tours allows people with mobility difficulties to be free to explore.
  5. Zero paid-training.
Interactive Virtual Tours

MatrixFly allows you to jump into the VR dimension by simply scanning a QR-code.
MatrixFly has been designed for professionals so our intent has been make your workflow easy and fast.
Place the QR-code of your virtual tours on magazines/newspapers/websites or share them via social networks or e-mail: a simple but effective way of promoting your products, projects, solutions to your audience .

Through our web console, you will be able to generate and download yours QR-code.

This feature aims to allow MatrixFly to be integrated into traditional communication and sales channels.

Dimensional Jump

MatrixFly allow you to meet your customers inside the VR.

We offer to you a easy-to-use tool, called Master App, which allow to you to organizing meetings within your virtual tours.
E-learning sessions, product presentations, company meetings, press conferences: MatrixFly allows you to do all this.
Forget the physical barriers and expand your boundaries.

Today MatrixFly can manage at least 10 contemporary guests inside each virtual tour, however our roadmap includes a significative upgrade in order to manage up to 60 users.

Do you have custom requirements? Contact us, our engineering allow us to customize MatrixFly in order to satisfy your business.

Meeting rooms

Multilayering allows to propose different "views" (scenarios) of the same environment:
• Differences in lighting conditions: daylight, night light, artificial light, natural light
• Different proposals for setting up an interior
• Different layout proposals for an environment
• Different background contexts (display cases) for products in presentation (ex: a piece of furniture inside a room)
Multilayer finds its natural application in virtual tours generated by computer-generated images (CGI - computer generated image), using any modeling and rendering software.
This experience was designed to meet the needs of a professional.
Multilayering can be applied to one or more in FLYs of the same tour.
In multilayering, the transition between two layers is immediate and has no interest in progression (partial transparency).

Meeting rooms

In order to enrich the user experience and the possibilities offered by the MatrixFly virtual tours, it will be possible to insert multimedia contents such as: texts, audio, images and videos.
The insertion process can be carried out through the web console.

Meeting rooms

Access your account and consult the analytics page, you can check the access statistics for your virtual tours, the average time spent and for each FLY the distribution of the explorers' attention: our patented algorithms will highlight the different areas in relation to the time spent by the observer.

Meeting rooms

Interact with the virtual environment you are browsing so you can enjoy an alternative and new experience:
- Play a video presentation or in-depth analysis of a detail of your environment (a design article on display, the presentation of the brand that produced it, an overview of the different models, etc.)
- Open a detailed sheet of what you are observing to get to know it better
- Change the color of an object in the virtual environment or change the style of the scene to make comparisons on the various proposals
- Display a 3D object in close-up to closely observe it from all its perspectives

Meeting rooms
MatrixFly has been used by these partners
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  • made it up
  • Livingmodule
  • C28
  • OFG
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Exploration environments can have different dimensions and complexities. If you are a manifacturer of large products such as boats, yachts, cars, furniture (kitchens, bedrooms, etc.), you can now offer your customers catalogs of virtual experiences and show them wherever you are. Enhance your products using different scenarios to scroll quickly and in a surprising way: settings, lighting scenarios, models.

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Architecture &
Real Estate

If you are a real estate manager, you can organize visits to apartments and showrooms without leaving your office. You will experience the feeling of being right inside the apartments, so that they can move between the different rooms observing and choosing finishes and details. The contents of the virtual tours are photographs and 360 ° taken independently or produced by specialized personnel.

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Travel & 

With MatrixFly you can organize trips, virtual tours and entertainment experiences to events (fairs, exhibitions, presentations) without taking a step. You can also enjoy the virtual experience while you will be supported by a voice chat that will act as a remote guide in real time.